Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5. It is now available in the free Limited edition with eight activity generators including Word Search, Spelling Hunt, and Punctuation Practice. And it is also available in the Professional edition with 38 activities for $49 for a first time purchase or $29 for an upgrade (or free upgrade if Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4 was purchased in the last year). See more upgrade details below. Please go to the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 product page to purchase the Professional Edition or download the Limited Edition.

The all new version 5 comes with an updated fresh new look, a new design format that allows multiple activities to be included in a single document, as well as new activities, features, options, and improvements. With the new Sentence Parser you can take any set of sentences and quickly remove specific words, groups of words, or parts of words creating a variety of activities to teach and reinforce correct sentence structure.

Upgrade Offers  

If you have purchased Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4 within the last year, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Simply log into your Customer Care Account and select My Downloads tab to download your free copy of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5.

If you have purchased a version of the vocabulary program more than a year ago, you are eligible for upgrade pricing of $29 US for a single user license and similar deep discounts on group licenses (this applies to versions 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as the legacy Crossword and Word Search programs). Simply log into your Customer Care Account and click the Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 upgrade link.

 No Customer Care Account? You can apply for an account here.

Thanks to the Beta Testers  

A big Thank You goes out to all of the beta testers who took the time to try out the preview of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5. Unfortunately we have not been able to incorporate all of the suggestions the beta testers sent in, but with each maintenance update we release for version 5 we hope to incorporate as many additional suggestions as we can manage.

Important Notes  

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 will not overwrite Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4. Both versions can be installed to a computer with no conflict.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 has been completely updated to allow for multiple activities to be added to one document. Because of this, documents created in version 4 cannot be opened in version 5. Word Lists, Sentence Collections, Text files and Epigraphs from version 3 or version 4 can be used with version 5 with no problem.

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