What is an enterprise license?

An Enterprise license combines Professional Edition software licensing for multiple users as well as large scale and commercial publishing.

An Enterprise license covers the use of the Professional Edition of the software by users within the specified parameters:

  • users within a single building
  • a group of users (such as a department, school, faculty, center or institute) that may span multiple buildings within a single campus.

The designated members of the site or group may use the Professional Edition of the software for instructional purposes on both school/workplace computers as well as personal/home computers. Group members can be teachers, instructors, trainers, administrators, or other support staff. The school, institution, or learning facility is responsible for ensuring that access to the Professional Edition of the software is limited to the designated group members.

An Enterprise license also permits an individual, company or educational institution to reproduce, bind, and compile worksheets and activities created with the Professional Edition of the software, for resale or broad distribution through print, electronic, or digital media.

For example, worksheets, tests, and activities may be compiled into workbooks and other educational materials and offered for resale or large-scale distribution.

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