How do I purchase by mail or FAX with check or purchase order?

To purchase by mail with a check, complete the order form, attach a check, and mail to Schoolhouse Technologies at the address listed at the bottom of the order form.

To use a purchase order, complete the order form and mail or fax or email it to Schoolhouse Technologies along with the purchase order. Purchase orders may be used by schools, school districts, and government institutions.

To purchase with a currency other than USD, please use the applicable exchange rate current at the time of order. We accept payment in CAD (Canadian), AUD (Australian), NZD (New Zealand), EUR (Euro), and GBP (British Pounds). One of the easiest ways to obtain the current exchange rate is to use the Google currency calculator; search using the keywords currency exchange rates.

If you do not receive an email regarding your purchase within two weeks of mailing your order please contact

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