When I print my worksheet or test some of the text is blurry and obscured. What is wrong?

Are you trying out the free edition of the software program? Some of the exercise sets or activities or test items are free to use, while others can be tried but they will print obscured. This gives you an opportunity to try all of the exercise sets or activities or test items, as well as most program functions. You will be able to try printing to see if the program works well with your printer or PDF-creation software but the obscured material cannot be used with your class or students.

Have you purchased the software already? If so, you need to download and install the software you paid for. Once your order is completed successfully we will provide a download link so you can download and install the paid edition immediately, we also send an order confirmation email with a download link. And then, within 24 hours, we will follow up with an email containing the login details for your Customer Care Account where you can download your software any time. Once your purchased software is installed to the computer it will overwrite the free edition of the software already installed and you will be able to print to paper or PDF with no text obscured.
Which edition of the software have you purchased? Each of the programs have various editions. On our website check the Compare Editions table for the program you are using and scroll down the table to see which exercise sets or activities or test items are included in the edition you purchased.

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