Schoolhouse Test 4 Maintenance Done and Coming Soon...Vocabulary WF 6 !

We have been busy with maintenance work, program development, and coping with interesting winter weather so we've been very quiet lately. But today we're happy to announce that a small maintenance release for Schoolhouse Test 4 has just been uploaded to the website and Customer Care Accounts. And if you're a fan and regular user of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5, we want you to know we're getting a lot closer to releasing version 6.

Schoolhouse Test 4 - You can see the release notes here.

Coming soon - Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 - We don't have a firm release date or the pricing policy completely sorted out yet, but here are a few details regarding new activities and features that you might find intriguing:

  • six new activities: Word Fit, Missing Vowels, Wacky Trails, Word Angles, Decoder Ring, Sentence Shapes, and Custom Questions
  • a new design item: Word Clouds
  • a variety of new options have been added to existing activities including: start bubbles for Word Search to make it easier for early learners; added data fields from the word list editor for the Study Sheet; customized misspellings for Spelling Hunt; new options for how the words are numbered in Cloze if numbering is used 
  • improved word list, sentence and epigraphs editors
  • improved dialogs for Global Fonts and Global Colors
  • right-to-left language options (RTL) for many of the activities and design items; a Global RTL formatting feature has been added so you can set up the RTL formatting for all of the activities and design items you will be working with

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