Maintenance Completed for Math Resource Studio 6 and Vocabulary WF 6

Happy New Year!

To kick off 2018 we've completed some maintenance releases for both Math Resource Studio 6 and Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6.

Math Resource Studio 6 - You can see the issues resolved for this program in the Release Notes. In particular, a Canadian customer reported an issue with the exercise set Place Value when spaces were selected for digit grouping. This issue has been fixed along with an assortment of error and exception reports.

Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6 - Check out the Release Notes to get details on the issues that were resolved in this current maintenance update, including some problems with Crossword where occasionally the words and the Across & Down clues did not match. Also, if you have been using a Right-to-Left language for the activities, some issues with Decoding, Hidden Letters and Word Links have been sorted out along with reported errors and exceptions.

These maintenance updates are free for current owners of any edition of Math Resource Studio 6 or Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6. You can download the updates by logging into your  Customer Care Account. Once you are logged in, select My Downloads to download the updated edition of the software. The update will automatically overwrite any older build already on the program.

A Final Note: We have started work on Schoolhouse Test 5. Most of the behind-the-scenes technical updates have been done (including ensuring that version 5 will be DPI Aware for those of you using high resolution displays); and we are now moving on to more interesting requests such as "...increase the number of tags that can be assigned to a question...". We don't have a release date yet, but we're hoping to have a beta release done in the next few months.... so stay tuned!

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