Will all of your programs run on Windows 10?

All of our current software programs - and the older versions - are working well with Windows 10, but if you run into any problems here are some suggestions:

  1. Can you open the program at all? If so, look for the program Options or Preferences (if not on the Home or View ribbon, look under Tools in older versions). When the program Options or Preferences window opens, select Default Resets or Resets, and select all of the resets. Click OK to apply. Then close the program.
  2. Once the program is closed, use Control Panel, Uninstall a Program, and remove the program from the computer.
  3. Now, log into your Customer Care Account. Select My Downloads and download & install your software again. (NOTE: You may have to select Show All Downloads to locate older versions of the software.)

Once the program is re-installed to Windows 10 on the computer, give it a try.

Do problems continue? If so, contact us at support@schoolhousetech.com.

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