Import - Multiple Choice Questions Only - Delimited Text

Text for Multiple Choice questions can be imported to the program using the Delimited Text File (Multiple Choice) option. 

This a particularly good way to import multiple choice questions that have been setup in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel. (See Can I import my tests created in Microsoft Word into Schoolhouse Test? if your test materials are saved as Microsoft Word documents.)

The multiple choice question text must be saved as a delimited text file (.txt) before it can be imported to Schoolhouse Test. Only the text data is imported; all special formatting and images are lost when the text data is exported from the original source as a delimited text file. 

The question and choices text must be set up in a delimited format similar to these examples (the Pipe delimiter is used for these examples):

What colour is the sky?|green|@blue|brown|yellow
Who married Wickham in Pride and Prejudice?|Mary Bennet|Charlotte Lucas|Jane Bennet|@Lydia Bennet

This sample of delimited text has been formatted using Tab:

The delimiter or field separator can be a Tab, Pipe ( | ), Comma ( , ), or Semi-colon ( ; ). The delimiter used to separate/delimit the various parts of a multiple choice question cannot be used in the text being imported. For example, if your questions and choices contain commas, you should use Tab or Pipe as the delimiter. Commas and semi-colons are frequently used in question and choices text, so it would be best to avoid using these as the delimiter.

Once the delimited text file (.txt) is setup in the correct format, you can follow along the importing process; check the help icons - ? - for short explanations of key options in the process. On the Link Import Fields screen you will link the data the program has identified with the data fields each matches. Notes and other References/tags can be imported along with the actual questions and choices text.

NOTE: If you have used the at sign - @ - to identify the correct choices for the questions then use the Choice link, not the Correct Choices link. Correct Choices is only used if a correct choices field/column has been set up and the correct choices are in parentheses in that field; examples (B) or (AC) or (ACD).

FINAL NOTE: The delimited text file - .txt - may have to be saved with Unicode or UTF-8 Encoding which saves a greater range of characters than the default ANSI encoding. In this picture the delimited text file was saved with the limited ANSI encoding. When imported to Schoolhouse Test, the program could not recognize some characters. Saving delimited text files with the more robust Unicode or UTF-8 Encoding will correct these import problems.

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