Basic MSI Installation - Information and Commands

All of our current software programs use Advanced Installer for installing software to Windows operating systems. (For older versions of our software please contact us at for basic msi installation information.)


Schoolhouse Technologies products employ the basic MSI installer via Advanced Installer. Basic MSI is Windows Installer–based and the Windows Installer service drives the entire installation.

All the options for a Basic MSI installation can be viewed by running msiexec from the Run command.


Extract the MSI file, the CAB file, and prerequisites from the EXE file to a folder using the EXTRACT switch at a Command prompt.  

For example: C:\Installation>Setup.exe /extract C:\TargetFolder

If no target folder is indicated, then extraction will occur in originating folder. In the above example the MSI extraction would occur in the Installation folder.

Once the MSI file, CAB file, and Prerequisite folder are extracted, regular MSIEXEC switches can be used to run installations using the MSI file.


You can extract all the program files from the setup file by running the installation in administrative mode which will create a network image of all the files at a selected location. You can run the file extraction installation in administrative mode using the built-in GUI by using the switch /a .

For example: C:\Installation>msiexec /a Setup.msi

Or you can skip the MSI extraction and run the administrative installation directly from the EXE file.

For example: C:\Installation>Setup.exe /a //

Note that the double oblique (slash) at the end is required to pass the command to the embedded MSI.
In the same way you can run a normal installation from the Setup.exe file with C:\Installation>Setup.exe /i //


The MSI installation file can be run silently using the command:

For example: C:\Installation>msiexec /a Setup.msi TARGETDIR=C:\MyInstallPoint /qn


Note: Uncheck - Run package only from EXE bootstrapper, prevent running from MSI package

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