A Math Resource Studio Document for Inspiration or for Your Students

Back to school time is a great time to get some math materials organized. Here's a sample of what you can create with Math Resource Studio 7 to review your students skills and get their math brains engaged. 

If you are currently using Math Resource Studio 7, feel free to download the zip file. The zip file contains the saved Math 7 file used to print the PDF files.

Note: You will need the Pro edition of the Math Resource Studio 7 program to print all of the exercise sets without obscured printing, but if you have the Free or Basic edition, you can view and edit the document so it will print without any of the material obscured.

If you want just the PDF documents, there are three files: the worksheet for the students; the full worksheet pages with the answers so what we call the key; and then just the answers for the exercise sets on separate pages. The material is best suited for grades 4 or 5 depending on the math skill level.

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