Maintenance and Additions to Schoolhouse Test 4

We have added a few new features and resolved a few issues in Schoolhouse Test 4.

You can see a summary of the updates in the Release Notes.

These maintenance updates are free for current owners of Schoolhouse Test 4. You can download the updates by logging into your Customer Care Account. Once you are logged in, select My Downloads to download the your edition. The update will automatically overwrite any older build of the program.

Some of the new features:

Design Edit Export Option - The data that can be seen in Design Edit can now be exported to a delimited text file.

Design Layout Columns Re-order Saved - If you re-order the columns in Design Layout, your re-ordered columns will now be saved and recalled whenever using the program. The order of the columns can be changed by dragging-and-dropping a column to a preferred location. Click the column name with the mouse, then drag the column to the left or right. The column being moved appears as a shaded area so you can see the movement of the column. A dark black line will appear each time the column has been moved to a new placement area. Release the mouse to drop the column in the new location.

Automated Check for Updates -An automated check for updates feature has been added. The frequency of checks can be modified or turned off in the application options.

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