More Maintenance - Schoolhouse Test 4 and Math Resource Studio 6

We've been at it again!

Schoolhouse Test 4 - Check out the Release Notes to get details on the issues that were resolved in this current maintenance update, including a particularly bothersome problem with setting up Marks in Design View. The Marks box no longer has up and down arrows; simply type in the marks or points for a question. Whole numbers (i.e. 5) or up to one decimal accepted (i.e. 3.5).

Of course, if you aren't going to use Marks on the test document or answer sheet, ignore the Marks box entirely in Design View, and in the options for Document View and Answer Sheet View, uncheck Marks, Visible to hide the marks on the test and answer sheet.

Math Resource Studio 6 - You can see the issues resolved for this program in the Release Notes. As an added incentive to update, we've added another new exercise set in Advance Number Operations: Advanced Multiplication-Select Multipliers; check out the picture below. For basic facts, Quick Facts has always been the go-to exercise set when focusing on specific multipliers. Now you can do the same thing with larger numbers, negative numbers, and currency by using Advanced Multiplication-Select Multipliers.

These maintenance updates are free for current owners of any edition of Schoolhouse Test 4 or Math Resource Studio 6. You can download the updates by logging into your Customer Care Account. Once you are logged in, select My Downloads to download the your edition. The update will automatically overwrite any older build of the program.

One More Thing... We have started work on Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 6. We don't have a release date yet, but we hope to have that version upgrade available in the next eight to ten weeks if things go smoothly.

Advanced Multiplication-Select Multipliers

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