New Word List, Free Vocabulary Worksheets and Helpful Videos

We have added some new vocabulary worksheets to the Free Vocabulary Worksheets page. The word list used for the worksheets is also available for downloading and ready to use with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory if you want to make your own worksheets. The word list is called By the Sea and has been developed with ESL (English as a Second Language) classes in mind, though this word list would also be suitable to use with Adult Literacy classes or mid-primary and intermediate classes.

And we have also added some new videos to our Learning Center. The Learning Center has a variety of short videos that provide some quick demonstrations of how key functions in our software work. The latest videos have been developed for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory: Customizing the Title Group and Checking Your Spelling in the Word List Editor.

Do you have a word list you would like to share with other educators, or a feature in one of our software programs you would like to see reviewed in a short video? Let us know by adding a comment here or emailing us at

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