PDF Format for Worksheets, Tests, Documents, or Bingo Cards

None of our software currently has an export or save-to PDF format feature. We have decided to use our programming resources to improve our programs rather then become PDF experts. In the past, we have spent a lot of time troubleshooting the PDF exports built into our software.

Even though our programs no longer have an export to PDF feature, it's still easy to have your worksheets, tests or bingo game cards saved to PDF format.

You will need to have PDF creation software installed to your computer. If you don't have a PDF creation program already installed to your computer, a quick internet search will turn-up a number of free or inexpensive PDF creation programs that you can check out.

In our office we use a PDF creation program call PDF995. If you want to try this program, you can download it from www.PDF995.com (there are actually two parts to the program that need to be downloaded & installed; see the information at www.pdf995.com for more details). The free version of this software will prompt you with small ads to upgrade to their paid edition of the software each time you use the software (you can get rid of the ads by purchasing the software).

All PDF creation software installs a new Printer driver on a computer. This means that whenever you print any kind of document on the computer, a new Printer option is installed.

Once you have installed a PDF creation program to the computer, here are the steps you can take to print something from Schoolhouse Test; this is just an example, all of our current software will work similarly:

  1. Create and save a test document.
  2. Select Print on the ribbon of the program (for the Test program, select either Document View or Answer Sheet View to print). The Print window appears.
  3. In the Print window, click the down arrow for Printer and select the PDF program printer driver.
  4. With copies of documents and keys set to 1 and 1, select Print.
  5. For both the document and the key a Save As window will appear. Select a save location on your computer and type in a file name for both the document and key. The document and key are saved as separate PDF files.

And that's it. Your worksheets, or test documents, or bingo game sheets are now saved in PDF format.

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