Windows 8 - Installing Some Older Version Programs

All of the Schoolhouse Technology programs will install and run on Windows 8 computers, but because of default settings for Windows 8 you may have to turn on the older Microsoft .Net Frameworks in order to install some of the older versions of programs such as Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3, Schoolhouse Test (version 1 or 2), and Schoolhouse Bingo (version 1).

The current versions of our programs have the latest installation prompts making this easier, but for the older programs use these steps to turn on the older .Net Frameworks and then install the software. 

1. Open Control Panel. Then select Programs.
2. When Programs opens, select 'Turn Windows features on or off'.
3. When the Windows Features window opens, select the first item on the list - .Net Framework 3.5. Finally click OK.

Now try the installation of the software.



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