Schoolhouse Bingo 3 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of Schoolhouse Bingo 3. This version brings a fresh new look with easy navigation ribbon, four new math bingo generators (percent of number, rounding numbers, metric measures, and doubles addition), a letters-of-the-alphabet identification game, an import service for word lists created in Vocabulary Worksheet Factory, the capability to combine pictures and text on the cards, and new options and functions to make bingo card generation for the classroom quicker and easier than ever.

Schoolhouse Bingo 3 is now available in three editions:

1. the Starter Edition for an affordable option to make your own games from scratch and that includes the Quick Facts math generator as well as the classic bingo game;

2. the still affordable Basic Edition with math bingo generators for the basic operations and Roman numerals, and a set of other integrated games including countries and capitals, periodic table, telling time, and more;

3. and the Professional Edition with the complete set of 17 math generators and 13 additional games.

Of course, every edition allows you to quickly and easily create your own bingo games to provide precisely targeted enrichment for your lessons. You can compare editions on the Schoolhouse Bingo 3 product page.

Upgrade Offers

If you have purchased Schoolhouse Bingo 2 within the last six months, you are eligible for a free upgrade. Simply log into your Customer Care Account and select the My Downloads tab to download your free copy of Schoolhouse Bingo 3.

If you have purchased a version (1 or 2) of Schoolhouse Bingo more than six months ago, you are eligible for upgrade pricing of $19 US for the Schoolhouse Bingo 3 Professional edition and similar deep discounts on site and enterprise editions. Simply log into your Customer Care Account and select the Schoolhouse Bingo 3 upgrade link.

 No Customer Care Account? You can apply for an account here.

Important Notes  

Schoolhouse Bingo 3 will not overwrite earlier versions of Schoolhouse Bingo. All versions can be installed to a computer with no conflict.

Questions, Feedback, Problems  

Questions and feedback regarding Schoolhouse Bingo can be directed to us via the forums or by email.

Of course, you can also reach us by email. Please send email to

Thank you for your interest in Schoolhouse Bingo 3!

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