The Picture Editor in Schoolhouse Bingo 2 has been Updated

A maintenance upgrade for Schoolhouse Bingo 2 has just been released. A number of small issues reported by customers have been reviewed and corrected, and we have done some significant work on the Picture editor making it more functional.

In particular, we have added a feature called Default Import Size. By default, pictures are imported into the Picture editor at a size of 150 (which is generally a good size for most bingo card cells), but depending on the bingo card cell size you want to fill and the images you are using, you may want to set the default to a larger or smaller default import size. The range is 10 to 1500.  (NOTE: Regardless of the size of the picture in the Picture editor, the program will ensure the picture does not spill over the edges of the bingo card cells.)

You can download the latest build of Schoolhouse Bingo 2 from your Customer Care Account (if you have purchased the program), or if you want to try out the program, you can download the evaluation edition from the Download page on our website.

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