Math Documents and PDF Format

Math Resource Studio does not currently have a PDF creation function built into it, but it's relatively easy to create PDF format math documents.

NOTE: I would suggest that you save the math documents you create in the Math program format so you can edit the document for future use. Once the math document is in PDF format, it can no longer be edited.

You will need to have PDF creation software installed to your computer. If you do not already have PDF creation software installed, there is a free PDF creation program that we use in our office; you can download it from (there are actually two parts to the program that need to be downloaded & installed; see the information at for more details). The free version of this software will prompt you with small ads to upgrade to their paid edition of the software each time you use the software (you can get rid of the ads, by purchasing the software).

Any PDF creation software installs a new "printer" driver on a computer. This means that whenever you print something, a new printer option is installed.

To print your math document in the PDF format follow these steps:

1) Create and save a math document.

2) Select the Print icon the toolbar. The Print window appears.

3) In the Print window, click the down arrow for printer Name and select the PDF program printer driver.

4) With copies of documents and keys set to 1 and 1, select OK.

5) For both the document and the key a Save As window will appear. Select a save location on your computer and type in a file name for both the document and key. The document and key are saved as separate PDF files.

And that's it. Your math document and your key are now saved in PDF format.


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